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Employee Growth Story: Chris Rogers – Junior NetSuite Developer

Chris Rogers - Cross Company

“There’s a big sense of accomplishment when I write code that works.That sense becomes stronger when you deploy solutions that help others within the organization.”




Junior NetSuite Developer

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Chris' Career Path at Cross:

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Chris' Story:

Originally from Raleigh, North Carolina, Chris Rogers walked a unique path on his way to the eventual success he would find at Cross Company. After graduating from high school, he spent a semester away at college before ultimately finding a foothold in the Marine Corps. While serving, Chris spent five years honing his calibration skills working on aircrafts in the military. This hands-on experience lead to his first job as a calibration technician in 2018 after leaving the Corp. He found the position on USjobs.com, a job board that the military uses to help soldiers with their civilian job search.

After three rewarding years in the field, Chris decided to go back to school for computer science – a tall task for a full-time calibration employee to take on.
Not long after, his hard work and dedication paid off. In the summer of 2023, he secured an internship with the ES team as a Netsuite Developer.

His dedication caught the attention of Robb Hogg, who, impressed with his resume, helped secure the internship. Despite splitting his time between PMG and IT, Chris’ transition from calibration tech to software development holds great promise, giving the company a competitive edge.

Dan Miller, Chris’ former supervisor encouraged the Marine to expand his career horizons, and marveled at his continued dedication to the team during his transition.

“Chris joined us straight from the military in April 2018, quickly adapting to commercial calibration and building strong customer relationships. Even while pursuing his education part-time from 2021 onwards, he maintained his commitment to us, even earning a technician revenue bonus during the light school months.”

As of May 15, 2024 Chris is now a full-time developer for the Cross ES Development Team. When asked if he ever saw himself in either position, he said, “Not at all. I had never even heard of calibration or precision measurement before the military, and I had no interest in making computer programs until a few years ago. But I am extremely happy that I chose to do it because it turned out pretty great.”

According to Chris, Cross made an exceptional impression on him during the interview process. Going about things ‘the right way’ whereas other companies he interviewed with showed a lot of red flags and were not necessarily a good fit for the Marine’s career

“There’s a big sense of accomplishment when I write code that works.That sense becomes stronger when you deploy solutions that help others within the organization.”

Chris’ career growth path has been filled with an array of favorable highlights to note. When discussing the culture and his overall experience, he emphasized the significance of benefits, work-life balance, and the company’s dynamic approach. From transparent communication to a genuine concern for cultural goals, Chris feels valued and supported. Over his six-year tenure, he seamlessly transitioned into a new full-time role, a testament not only to the company’s backing, but also to his own resolve.

Chris has grown exponentially in his career. He’s put in the work, and leadership has accommodated him every step of the way. For now, it seems as though Chris has found his professional niche. But that doesn’t mean the growth process is over. Robb Hogg, Chris’ current manager believes the sky’s the limit for Chris..

“Chris’ journey from Marine veteran to calibration technician to full-time Developer is inspiring. His transition to part-time work to pursue his collegiate goals showcases his drive and determination. Despite initial setbacks, his bright personality and proficiency in Netsuite and software development principles made him an invaluable addition to our team. Chris has seamlessly integrated into projects like Crosscal, demonstrating his unique ability to bridge people and technology. We’re excited to have him on board and look forward to his continued growth at Cross.”

Three years ago, he was doing calibration work at a client’s coffee shop, now he’s a full-fledged Software Developer with the company. While he can safely say that he hopes to be with Cross for a long time, there’s no telling what opportunities await him in the future, as the journey is ongoing.

In his off-time, Chris enjoys classic soul and R&B music as well as musicals and plays–his favorite being Hamilton. He is also a huge sports fan, pulling for the Florida Gators, Carolina Panthers, and Ferrari F1 racing, to name a few.


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