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Kreon Resource: 9 Benefits of A Large Measuring Arm

Kreon Resource: 9 Benefits of A Large Measuring Arm 1

9 reasons why you need a large size measuring arm from Kreon.

Kreon recently launched an Ace measuring arm with an exceptionally large working volume of 5 m to round off its existing range of large size measuring arms. The advantages offered by these arms are numerous and respond effectively to your needs when measuring large parts. The precision measurement team at Cross Company has been a leader in calibration services since 1939. Our team of experts can agree, this list of the top 9 reasons to use a large measuring arm is right on target. Take a look at the top 3: 

1 – Measuring large parts up to 5 m

Kreon measuring arms are capable of measuring up to 5 m. Their accuracy is maintained throughout their whole working volume thanks to their superior mechanical rigidity. Large measuring arms can be used in all industries working with large parts, such as maritime, rail, aviation, road transport and construction.

2 – Speeding up inspections

Large measuring arms are equally maneuverable and lightweight, allowing for very quick measurements. With their laser line of 200 mm and high acquisition frequency, Skyline Wide 3D scanners are able to scan large surfaces in record time. Whatever its size, the ease of use offered by an Ace arm also means operators can work without tiring, thus guaranteeing increased productivity.

3 – During production inspections

Its mobility and maneuverability allow the Kreon measuring arm to measure parts inside machine tools, in inaccessible areas in large assemblies, on machines to check tool wear without the need to remove them, and even in hollow forms such as barrels or tanks. Furthermore, it is almost impossible for systems using a tracker to carry out inspection inside large objects because it is difficult to ensure the necessary optical contact.

Check out the full list at kreon3d.com

As a distributor for Kreon in the U.S. Cross offers the full lineup of Kreon measuring arms and can help your team determine which measuring arm is best for your application. Reach out to our local team to see a demonstration and get a quote for implementing a 3d measuring arm into your operation.

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