100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

Palletron 3000 Collaborative Robot Palletizer

The Cross Palletron 3000 collaborative robot palletizer and depalletizer offers a flexible solution to eliminate repetitive, manual stacking and unstacking tasks. It is based on the Universal Robots UR10 or UR16E, depending on your payload needs, and includes all the software and hardware to immediately deploy.

Palletron 3000 Collaborative Robot Palletizer 1

The Pally software, powered by Rocketfarm, eliminates the need for complex robotic programming.  It is extremely easy to use and simple to install and manage, with no coding skills required.

The Cross Palletron 3000 also features the ability to simulate your project prior to purchase.  This allows you to assess if the Palletron is the right solution for you and visualize exactly how the palletizing will be carried out.

Palletron 3000 Collaborative Robot Palletizer 2

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Palletron 3000 Technical Specs

  • 48” x 42” maximum pallet size (will accommodate smaller standard sizes)
  • 62” maximum pallet stack height
  • 6”x6”x4” minimum box size
  • Maximum box weight: 18 lbs
  • Palletizing Robot Arm: Universal Robots (UR)
  • Pick Speed: 8 boxes per minute
  • Power: 110 VAC
  • Air: Compressed air source required with standard end-of-arm tooling.
  • E-Stop auto recovery
  • Pally Palletizing Software, powered by RocketFarm
Palletron 3000 Collaborative Robot Palletizer 3

See our Robot Palletizer in Action

Take a look at the Cross collaborative robot palletizer loading boxes onto a pallet from a manual conveyor system setup. The Universal Robot (UR) palletizer is configurable to work in a range of settings, and as seen in our video, has dual pallet capability and can be easily moved when necessary. This solution is based on a Universal Robot arm to create a fully collaborative palletizer.

End of Arm Tooling for a Range of Applications

  • Standard vacuum gripper offering covers most palletizing applications
  • External compressed air is needed
  • Ability to customize end-of-arm tooling if needed

Cross represents multiple providers and offers end of arm tooling for a variety of applications. Whether your operation is in need of robotic grippers for fragile goods,  a customized solution for a unique payload, or anything between; the Cross automation team has you covered! Take a look at our end of arm tooling offering and see how you can accompany our palletizing solution with robots elsewhere in your process.

Palletron 3000 Collaborative Robot Palletizer 6