Robot Assisted Inspection

Our Robot Assisted Inspection platform brings the flexibility and safety of UR Collaborative Robots into your production quality control processes. Nonconforming products and quality issues need to be identified before they move downstream, or worse, make it into the field. The speed and consistency of automated inspection combined with the adaptability of a 6-axis Collaborative Robot means that 100% part inspection - even in high-mix environments - is much more feasible and cost-effective than ever before.  




  • Vision camera mounted on the end of a UR Collaborative Robot. Small footprint, high flexibility.
  • Easily create and store inspection recipes as needed without needing an integrator. Rapid configuration and changeover.
  • Customizable touchscreen interface for intuitive and easy operator training.
  • Can be used in both offline and inline scenarios.
  • Recipes and inspection results are stored in SQL database.


  • Thread Checking
  • Assembly Verification
  • Feature Presence
  • Dimensional Inspection
  • Barcode Verification
  • Hole Depth Verification
  • Color Matching
  • Text Verification

Technical Specifications

   UR3  UR5  UR10
  Work Envelope  500mm


  Inspection Tooling Capacity  3kg  5kg  10kg
  Communication Protocols  Profinet
 Modbus TCP
 Serial Communication
 Modbus TCP
 Serial Communication
 Modbus TCP
 Serial Communication
  Power Requirements  110V AC  110V AC  110V AC


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