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100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

Flexible Labeling

Flexible Label Applications

The Cross Flexible Labeling System powered by Vanomation is a robotic based system for inline pallet and individual box labeling. It replaces labeling done by manual workers or adds more flexibility beyond what typical label applicators offer. The programming and interface allows for changes to box/pallet size, label location, barcode type, or label information to be done very quickly.

Beyond the ability to accommodate various box sizes and label locations, this system can integrate directly with the production servers to get real-time information that can be printed to the barcode. This allows for information specific to that product to be printed and applied to the box or pallet. There is also an optional VAL (validate applied label) add-on to ensure the labels have been placed.

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Why Use A Labeling Machine?

Automatic labeling systems (or applicator systems) are an important component in automated industrial labeling applications. They are designed to apply robotic efficiency and accuracy to a previously labor-intensive, repetitive task. They can be variously programmed to accommodate side labeling, wrap-around labeling, or top/bottom labeling.

In many production processes, bottlenecks occur. And it’s the job of industrial automation to efficiently alleviate these bottlenecks when they occur. Particularly in areas involving repetitive, monotonous tasks.

The idea of an automatic label applicator isn’t to replace the human worker, however. The aim of an automated flexible labeling system is to free up a valuable human resource that otherwise would be spent applying labels over and over again. Then that worker can be effectively utilized in a higher-value position. In a time where willing applicants for such work are short, a label-applying robot can be a perfect solution.

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Customized and Integrated Labeling

Our robotic labeling solutions aim to fully integrate into your production line. But this doesn’t just mean that it seamlessly joins the production process. It means that our flexible labeling robots can integrate directly into production servers. Which means that real-time information can then be printed directly onto the barcode, allowing product-specific information to be applied to the box or pallet.

Our flexible labeling systems don’t just replace a step of your process. They fully integrate into the process itself. In a way that’s more than just taking the place of an individual worker. It’s freeing up a worker while increasing accuracy, productivity, and your bottom line.

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Designed With You In Mind

Our labeling machines are built and designed with you in mind. We take into account your individualized production process, labeling needs, and ROI considerations.

Your Process

No two production processes are the same. And production resources vary greatly between industries. The same applications within pharmaceuticals wouldn’t perfectly translate to food and beverage automation. That’s something we understand. So we take the time to understand your process to devise the best robotic labeling solution for you.

Your Needs

Just as production processes vary by industry, labeling needs may also be significantly different from one manufacturer to another. That’s why the Cross label applicator is capable of variable placement of a label based on pallet or packaging size. This is a consideration that can’t be overlooked when choosing any automated labeling robot.

Your ROI

Often, decisions like this come down to the bottom line. “Can we afford it?” is a question manufacturers may ask themselves when considering labeling automation. However, in a world that is increasingly turning towards automated solutions in manufacturing processes and on production lines, we have a different question. Can you afford not to automate?

Key Flexible Labeling Features

  • Automatic robot pause with E-stop and safety door
  • Dual printer/label tray for easy operator/maintenance servicing
  • Variable placement of label based on pallet/packaging size
  • Single operator control display panel

System Specifications

  • Supported label sizes: 1.0″ W x 0.5″L to 8.5″ W x 11.0″ L
  • Accurate placement of label within 0.1″ or 2.5mm
  • 24 VDC power supply
  • Power: 110 VAC single phase power and 480 VAC three phase for robotic arm
  • Air: Only required for pneumatic EOAT option
  • Status light tower (R/Y/G/B)
  • Industrial power / IO distribution enclosure (24″ W x 20″ H x 8″ D)
  • 1400mm W x 2070mm H x 840mm D
Automatic Labeling Robot By Vanomation

Food Grade Option

Available Models

  • RPA8304 – 4” Labels
  • RPA8306 – 6” Labels
  • RPA8308 – 8” Labels
  • All Available in Food Grade

Real-Life Labeling Applications

Why Cross Automated Flexible Labeling?

At Cross Automation, we want to provide more than just an answer. We want to provide a solution. Something that not only reworks a single process for increased efficiency, but increases productivity and efficiency as a whole.

Our Flexible Labeling Automation does just that. With server integration, custom labeling, and real-time reporting, our labeling robots can completely change the way a previously unpleasant or inefficient task is handled.

If you have a repetitive, labor-intensive part of your process that slows down production as a whole, we can help. Contact Cross Company Automation today to speak with a specialist about increasing your productivity and efficiency today.

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