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Omron V780 Long Range RFID Reader/Writer

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Product Overview

Expand your communication range with Omron’s V780 long range RFID reader/writer

The new V780 slave reader/writer provides a reliable RFID traceability system that is an all-in-one antenna/amplifier/controller design with up to 6m of range. You can network up to seven slave antennas with a V780 master for long-range RFID applications while still being cost effective.

Omron V780 Long Range RFID Reader/Writer 1

Key Features

  • Multi-Reader/Writer function
  • Ethernet TCP/IP andEtherNet/IP support
  • Any ISO/IEC 18000-63 (ISO/IEC 18000-6 Type C) compliant tag can be used
  • Advanced tuning and diagnostics to optimize system performance and tune to unique application requirements.
  • All in one design minimizes cabling and simplifies installation.
  • Multi-color high visibility lights provide instant feedback on system status

Key Benefits

  • Provides a cost-effective RFID solution
  • Expands the communication range
  • Ability to tune each antenna independently, minimizing tag mis-reads


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