100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

Cross Provider: Indegy


Indegy is a leading cyber-security solutions provider offering protection of industrial networks from cyber threats, malicious insiders and human error, all by providing visibility, security and control. Some of their key competencies are threat detection and mitigation, asset tracking, vulnerability management, enterprise visibility, and configuration control. Take a look at some of the trusted solutions Cross Company offers as part of Indegy’s cybersecurity offering.

Featured Products and Technology

Indegy Security Platform


The Indegy Industrial Cybersecurity Suite

  • Core Platform – offering 100% passive ICS network activity monitoring
  • Indegy Sensors – Enable support of complex multi-segment network typologies
  • Device Integrity – Adds active detection to enable discovery and classification of all ICS assets
  • Enterprise Management – Utilize multi-site support for visibility and control of larger enterprise systems

Learn more about the Indegy Industrial Cybersecurity Suite

Indegy Device Integrity

Patent-pending active detection technology provides your organization complete security coverage. This works by surveying the entire Industrial Control System (ICS) network – which includes all the devices within. Using the native communication protocols of those devices, Indegy Device Integrity discovers, then classifies and queries all ICS assets for their configuration. This even works for those devices that are not communicating in the network. Learn more about Indegy Device Integrity.

Enterprise Manager

Offering a streamlined third-party solution for multi-site distributed environments. Extend your security and incident management practices across IT and OT environments. Made for enterprise visibility: Indegy delivers an all-in-one turnkey solution which plugs into a centrally located switch in your ICS network.

A model designed around simplified, agentless deployment enables zero impact implementations so your network remains running with no operational disruptions. Learn more about the Indegy Enterprise Manager

Core Technology

The indegy technology stack offers a unique combination of anomaly detection and policy-based detection, two passive ICS network activity monitoring technologies. Along with an optional device integrity add-on which provides the most accurate alerts, added context for malicious activity, and details for asset inventory, Indegy’s multi-layer model offers the first true comprehensive protection for industrial environments.  Learn more about the technology.

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