100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

Wireless Alarms for Facility Safety Showers Save Lives

Every industrial processing facility has alarms for all sorts of events. They can be simple things like high temperatures/pressures or tank overfill. It may, however, be more urgent such as a fire or toxic gas leak. The majority of these urgent and potentially catastrophic events already have some sort of alarm.

When it comes to emergency showers and eyewashes, this is not the case. Yes, there may be a light or even a siren on the shower that goes off upon activation but many don’t have this feature. That’s fine if the victim is with someone but what if they are working alone at night or in a remote area? The first aid crew needs to know that their help is needed NOW. Not all emergency shower events are life-threatening but many could be life-altering and quick response from the emergency crew could be the difference between living a normal life and one with limitations. In addition to alerting emergency personnel, today’s occupational safety standards demand the regular maintenance of the systems.

Wireless Alarms for Safety Showers

With a Phoenix Contact wireless system, your control room can receive a warning with precise positional information of the event. Maintenance intervals are easily tracked as well. Phoenix Contact also offers cloud-based solutions for this data. All of the reports and events can be stored automatically.

Having a good alarm system with tracking and data storage capabilities can give your coworkers piece of mind, potentially save money on insurance and possibly prevent a catastrophic event.

Wireless Alarms for Facility Safety Showers Save Lives 1

If you’re interested in a new safety shower system or alarming your existing safety shower set up, Cross Company can help! Download the Phoenix Contact brochure to below for a variety of solutions and contact a Cross team member to discuss how we can implement a solution for your operation!

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