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Waste and Wastewater Industry Newsletter – November 2023

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The Cross Valve Automation Center is a partner you can trust. We offer a range of services to ensure your control valves are operating at their best. You can trust our attention to detail and we pride ourselves on world class customer service with a focus on quality.

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Maximize Process Uptime and Save Cost with VA flow meters

Waste and Wastewater Industry Newsletter - November 2023 1

Submersible pumps maintain the wastewater flow throughout the piping systems. These pumps have protective seals preventing any leakage as their shafts rotate at high speeds to maintain the flow of water.

Each seal requires only a minimal amount of water to cool and lubricate the seals and rotating shaft, as well as flushing out any impurities. Frequently, systems use too much water, a needless expense. But glass rotameters can be used, due to their adjustable valves and metering tubes, to save cost and maximize uptime. Check out this article from Brooks Instruments to learn more!

The Biggest Flowrox™ Pinch Valve Ever Providing Reliability And Control In A Waste Water Plant

In a significant milestone for wastewater management, a colossal DN1350 / 54” Flowrox pinch valve, one of the largest electrically operated pinch valves globally, has been deployed at a wastewater treatment plant in Florida, USA. Manufactured by Valmet Flow Control, this technology boasts immense wear and corrosion resistance, promising trouble-free operation and an extended lifespan.

Waste and Wastewater Industry Newsletter - November 2023 2

Case Study: Thermal Flow Meters for Wastewater Treatment at City of St. Cloud, MN

Waste and Wastewater Industry Newsletter - November 2023 3

The City of St. Cloud, Minnesota, located near the Mississippi River, has a wastewater treatment facility known for its innovative sustainability initiatives. These include the use of biofuel and solar co-generation to produce electricity. This case study from Fluid Components International, shows how they were ablet to utilize FCI ST98 Flow Meters in the process.

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If you aren’t regularly verifying the proper operation of your gas detectors, your team could be at risk. Beyond regular calibrations, it is advisable to routinely verify the function of your detectors. Cross has a team of highly trained service technicians to help!

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Waste and Wastewater Industry Newsletter - November 2023 4

Improve Efficiency

This infographic from Dräger emphasizes the importance of water treatment in managing the planet’s limited freshwater resources and ensuring the safety of this high-risk industry. It highlights the scarcity of freshwater availability, the extensive sewage network in Germany, and New York’s vast daily water consumption.

Waste and Wastewater Industry Newsletter - November 2023 5

Reduce Risk

The Athlone Wastewater Treatment Plant in Ireland, catering to 25,000 people, faced challenges in its dewatering process, generating 130–150 m3 of sludge daily with varying inlet solids. Operators needed continuous adjustments due to fluctuating solids content. The solution involved implementing Valmet Sludge Dewatering Optimizer (Valmet SDO) and two Valmet Total Solids Measurement units (Valmet TS). These TS units measured sludge feed and dry cake outlet, while SDO utilized these inputs to optimize dewatering.

Waste and Wastewater Industry Newsletter - November 2023 6

Raise Quality

This Dräger Application Note addresses the critical challenges in effectively and safely detecting chlorine gas, particularly in the water treatment industry. Given chlorine’s reactivity and the potential risks associated with undetected leaks, the note highlights the limitations of manual bump testing and contamination issues in mobile gas detectors. Dräger proposes a solution involving rapid sensors and the Dräger X-dock system. This system not only provides quicker response times, reducing test gas consumption and costs, but also facilitates more efficient clearance measurements in confined spaces through innovative hose technology.

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