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Valve Automation creates countless benefits for process control and machine operation. However, the complexity of automated valve packages and the almost limitless variations of valve automation accessories can be the cause of some of the most significant maintenance costs. The development of the Axiom, from valve automation industry leader StoneL (part of Neles), is a breakthrough in reducing maintenance costs and downtime without sacrificing any of the features of traditional component based automated valve packages.

At the Cross Valve Automation Center we have years of experience working with automated valve packages with components from such industry leaders as Metso, Morin, Asco, and Cameron. In working with our customers, we seek to provide solutions that prioritize total life cycle costs as criteria for evaluating valve automation options. When that solution also creates vast opportunities for standardization, while also providing reliable functionality, then the valve automation industry has a game changer on its hands.

Axiom AX Easy Disconnect

By using the integrated Axiom platform instead of separate monitoring, solenoids, and wiring conduit, the system operator will realize reduced maintenance and complexity, increased safety, and become more space efficient.

Given all of the components in automated valve packages – valves, actuators, limit switches, solenoid valves, mounting kits, tubing, fittings, etc. – any option that promises standardization must truly be able to run the gamut. The Axiom achieves this in its ability to operate both double acting actuators and spring return actuators with wide Cv ranges that can operate actuators of any size range. Standardization is further realized when considering connecting the Axiom to existing actuators.

The Axiom is designed with a manifold system that readily adapts to actuators with Namur mounts, which is another must-have in order to accommodate the wide range of actuators installed in most plants. No more investing inventory dollars in linkage kits to innumerable makes of actuators and switches! StoneL’s valve automation products, including the Axiom, come in numerous configurations, including explosion proof.

In fact, the benefits of the Axiom are even greater in explosion proof environments because the operator does not have to de-energize the circuits and un-wire the unit (see above video). The operator can simply turn off the air supply and remove the unit from the mounting pad. Given the simplicity of the retrofit for existing automated valve packages, the reduction in maintenance costs can quickly become significant!


The versatility of the Axiom allows it to be used in numerous environments, replacing multiple configurations in valve automation products. A standard 5 way, 2 position configuration allows for the operation of both spring return and double acting actuators with one simple adjustment. The Axiom is compatible with numerous communication protocols including DeviceNet, AS-I, Foundation Fieldbus, Modbus, and HART. The Axiom can also bring the On-Board diagnostic capabilities that so many operators have found essential to automated valve packages. The Axiom can be used to check air supply pressure, solenoid condition, as well as provide indication of a stuck valve or actuator.


Reliability is nothing but a word – unless it is backed with the reputation of companies like StoneL and Metso. There is value in working with a single manufacturer that can produce and take responsibility for all of the components in automated valve packages. Metso meets the single source manufacturer criteria with automated valve packages, including Jamesbury or Neles brand valves and actuators, with the Axiom package. StoneL further validates the reliability of the Axiom by offering an industry best 5 year warranty. Their confidence is understandable since the Axiom has a non-contact drive system with no moving parts, cams, or shafts. It can offer a virtually unlimited cycle life.

If your plant operations seek to reduce total life cycle costs with the opportunity for standardization, and the reliability of a proven industry leader, consider the Axiom from StoneL.  Cross Instrumentation is an authorized representative for Metso. Learn more about how Axiom from StoneL can improve the performance of your process.

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