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Precise Control of Gas Delivery for Liquid and Solid Precursors

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Precise Control of Gas Delivery for Liquid and Solid Precursors 1

In semiconductor manufacturing, transistors have evolved significantly over the years, from planar device architectures to FinFETS and now Gate-All-Around (GAA) to help support the development of various process nodes. These developments often demand novel precursors to support manufacturability. Accurate and repeatable delivery of precursors is critical to wafer performance, uniformity, and yield as the semiconductor industry embarks on leading-edge technology nodes.

This application note from from Brooks Instrument, highlights requirements and benefits of mass flow controllers and pressure controllers in this process. In addition, they write about the three most common methods of liquid and solid precursor delivery; bubbler systems, vapor draw systems, and direct liquid injection (or DLI) systems. Take a look at the full application note: Precise Control of Gas Delivery for Liquid and Solid Precursors.

The experts at our process solutions group have a long standing history of working with Brooks Instrument and can help your team determine which equipment is best for you operation. Take a look at the application note and contact our team to see how we can improve your operation.

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