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Product Spotlight: Parker Colorflow and Ball Valves

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Offering Outstanding Reliability and Cost Efficiency

Our North Carolina ParkerStore locations offer the exclusive Colorflow line of valves. These valves feature a reference point that allows the valve to be accurately and quickly reset to a previous setting. In addition, Parker Colorflow valves are fully guided poppets for a smoother, longer and better operation of your valve with no distortion.

Also, check out the BV ball valve series which can be used in water and oil applications. In sizes from 1/4″ to 4″ and maximum pressures from 1,4000 PSI to 11,600 PSI we have high pressure valves to meet your needs.

With five ParkerStore locations in North Carolina, Cross Company is your go-to valve supplier! Our experts have years of experience working specifically with Parker products and can offer the best setup for your application. Learn more about Conoflow Valves in the Parker video on this page and contact our hose team to learn more!

See How A Solution From Parker Can Benefit Your Operation

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