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Paper Industry Newsletter – October 2023

Elevate Paper Manufacturing Efficiency with Valmet Control Valves

In the dynamic realm of paper manufacturing, precision control is paramount. Paper mills require control systems that can withstand challenging environments, ensuring a seamless production process. The Neles™ ND9000 Intelligent Valve Controller is your solution, purpose-built to excel in the paper industry.

Paper Industry Newsletter - October 2023 1

Why the ND9000 Is a Game-Changer for Paper Manufacturing:

  • Robust Reliability: Engineered for the harshest environmental conditions, the ND9000’s rugged, modular design ensures reliability with minimal maintenance, crucial in the demanding paper production environment.
  • Efficiency at Its Core: Low energy and air consumption, future-proof design, and minimized spare part inventory all contribute to a low total cost of ownership, aligning perfectly with paper mills’ sustainability and cost-effectiveness goals.
  • Simplified Application: The ND9000 serves as a versatile solution, compatible with both linear and rotary valves, as well as double and single-acting actuators. This versatility simplifies inventory management for paper manufacturers.
  • Precision Control: The ND9000 offers benchmark control performance on both rotary and linear valves, minimizing process variability and optimizing the production of high-quality paper.
  • Network Compatibility: Designed to fit seamlessly into paper mills’ existing infrastructure, the ND9000 is compatible with industry networks like HART, PROFIBUS-PA, and FOUNDATION Fieldbus.
  • Reliability and Safety: Benefit from device self-diagnostics and a SIL 2 approved device, providing an added layer of safety to your operations.

In an industry where precision, efficiency, and reliability are vital, the Neles™ ND9000 Intelligent Valve Controller stands as a game-changing solution. Contact us today to explore how this advanced technology can optimize your paper manufacturing processes and elevate your efficiency to new heights.

What's New at Cross

Optimize Control Valve Performance

The Cross Valve Automation Center is a partner you can trust. We offer a range of services to ensure your control valves are operating at their best. You can trust our attention to detail and we pride ourselves on world class customer service with a focus on quality.

control valves

Elevate Safety with CDC HPX Rupture Discs

Paper Industry Newsletter - October 2023 2

CDC HPX Rupture Discs are an ideal pressure relief solution for demanding environments like those found in paper manufacturing.

  • Rigorous Testing: Proven performance with performance and proof-pressure testing before shipment.
  • Longevity and Precision: Optimum material thickness and manufacturing tooling design provide the full opening and accurate burst ratings you expect and longer service life at higher operating-to-burst pressure ratios – even against the heightened demands of modern process industries.
  • Easy Modifications: Versatile design simplifies future specification changes with no need for piping modifications.

Discover the CDC HPX Rupture Disc for your high cycle applications. Contact us today to request a quote.

Are your pressure gages safe?

Pressure gauges are essential for monitoring pressure in a variety of applications. However, they can fail for a variety of reasons. For example, did you know vibration can cause the pointer on a pressure gauge to become erratic or inaccurate? Or that pulsating pressure can cause the same problems as vibration, and even damage the internal workings of the gauge?

Paper Industry Newsletter - October 2023 3

Did you know?

If you aren’t regularly verifying the proper operation of your gas detectors, your team could be at risk. Beyond regular calibrations, it is advisable to routinely verify the function of your detectors. Cross has a team of highly trained service technicians to help!

Cross Provides Tangible Value for You

Reduce Risk

When it comes to industrial temperature measurement, two types of dial thermometers are typically used, bimetal and gas-actuated thermometers. Which measuring principle should be used depends on a number of different factors, such as response time, temperature limits & application range. Check out this video from our Supplier WIKA. They explain the differences in bimetal vs gas-actuated thermometers, the benefits of each, and why you might want to use one or the other in particular applications. Needing a thermometer for your process? Contact us today!

Paper Industry Newsletter - October 2023 4

Improve Efficiency

Neles™ Neldisc™ butterfly valves are cutting-edge valves are engineered to reduce energy consumption through optimized geometry, precise flow control, and smaller actuators, making them ideal for compressed air systems. Moreover, their innovative two-shaft design enhances flow capacity, ensuring smooth passage and minimal turbulence, even in fully open positions. With the added support of Nelprof, an advanced valve sizing tool, you can fine-tune valve selection for maximum efficiency. These valves also prioritize reliability, with unique metal seat technology minimizing leakage, reducing energy losses, and solidifying their sustainability.

Paper Industry Newsletter - October 2023 5

Raise Quality

Opal Packaging, Australia, is using Valmet Retention Measurement (Valmet RM3) in their BM9 to measure and control headbox and white water consistency, while optimizing their chemical consumption and paper quality. Valmet RM3 improves machine runnability with fewer breaks and higher productivity, and helps with quicker grade changes and startups while running higher machine speeds. Click below to read the case study.

See how our team can help improve quality, increase efficiency, and reduce risk

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