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Monitor Cooling Tower Water Consumption Accurately

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Monitor Cooling Tower Water Consumption Accurately 1

Cross Company’s Process Solutions Group has been successfully working with commercial HVAC, data centers and industrial cooling operations to monitor their water consumption for years.   Here’s a great technical article from one of our partners, McCrometer, which describes how to accurately monitor the consumption of water in cooling towers accurately without disrupting the process for new meter installation.

Monitor Cooling Tower Water Consumption Accurately, Without Disruption

Operations that want to track cooling tower water use accurately in 24/7 applications — without having to disrupt processes to install a new meter — need options that are easy to retrofit into continuous operations. Here’s how they can achieve + 0.5 percent flow meter accuracy without compromising cooling tower availability, by employing full-profile insertion (FPI) electromagnetic flow meters (mag meters) with hot-tap installation capabilities.

While cooling towers provide process cooling and HVAC capacity across a broad range of commercial activities, not all applications are identical. Where regulatory constraints or the costs of water consumption are high, however, the need for accurate measurement is critical. As a result, FPI mag meters are gaining acceptance in a variety of evaporative cooling tower applications due to their ability to satisfy both accuracy and installation concerns.

Read the full article to learn about three tips for using them to optimize cooling water management and lower operating costs in applications such as commercial HVAC, data centers and industrial cooling applications.

Are you interested in learning more? Fill out our contact form with some details of your application and we’ll have a specialist get in touch! Also, learn more about the McCrometer products and solutions offered by Cross.

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