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Magnetic level gauges for black liquor chemi-washer level measurement

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Magnetic level gauges for black liquor chemi-washer level measurement 1

Cross Company’s Process Solutions Group has been successfully working with pulp and paper mills to monitor level for years.   Here’s a great technical article from one of our partners, Jogler, which describes how to accurately measure the level of black liquor chemi-washer in a paper mill.

Magnetic level gauges and magnetostrictive level transmitters for black liquor chemi-washer

Many different methods are used to wash black liquor from the fibers before they are sent to the paper /cardboard making sections of the mill, one of which is a black liquor chemi-Washer.  However, DP transmitters and guided wave radar are not effective solutions for measuring this level because of solids buildup.  A set of Jogler JMG magnetic level gauges with MGT magnostrictive level transmitters proved to be the answer.

Read the full article to learn the specifics of the solution.

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