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Life Sciences Industry Newsletter – January 2024

Choose Mass Flow Controllers Specifically Designed for BioProcessing

The Brooks Instrument mass flow controller (MFC) model SLA Series Biotech was designed for bioprocessing and other life sciences applications to:

  • Enhance gas flow control range
  • Reduce your total cost of ownership
  • Enable process recipe flexibility via multiple gas pages
  • Satisfy regulatory compliance requirements.

Additionally, by adding advanced digital communication protocols like EtherNet/IP or PROFINET, it’s possible to reduce the number of MFC configurations and spares stocked by up to 90%.

The experts at our process solutions group regularly work with mass flow controllers in a range of applications and can help your team determine which device is best for your operation.

What's New at Cross

Fully Automated pH Sensor Maintenance from M4Knick

In the pharma and bioprocessing, the pH value is a critical parameter for controlling chemical reactions and the consumption of raw materials. Caring for these sensors properly can consume a considerable amount of time and energy.

There is a solution from M4Knick for extending the service life of pH sensors, especially with aggressive, viscoses, and abrasive media. CCare ensures accurate measurements through fully automatic cleaning and calibration of pH sensors and reduces maintenance and material costs at the same time. 

As an autonomous measuring system, cCare supplies reliable values directly to the process control systems. In this way, cCare not only contributes to process optimization, product quality, and the safety of people and the environment, but also to end-to-end digitalization.

Protect Your Tank from Damage with Groth's Newest Valve

Introducing Groth Corporation’s latest safety innovation: the 12F-TWW-0 Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valve. Engineered through extensive research and development, this valve provides superior sealing performance and industry-leading flow rates.

Designed to safeguard tanks from damage caused by overpressure or excessive vacuum, it reduces costly product evaporative losses during normal tank “breathing.” With materials like aluminum, carbon steel, and stainless steel, and sizes ranging from 2” to 12”, this valve ensures tight sealing, exceeding API-2000 leak requirements. Its 10% overpressure technology, easy maintenance, and corrosion-resistant options make it a reliable choice. Enhance protection and safety for both tank equipment and on-site personnel with Groth’s cutting-edge relief valve technology.

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Did you know?

Cross has it’s own service crew that specializes in truck scale installs. Our team of experts will make sure your old scale is removed and the new one installed correctly and calibrated–giving you confidence in your weighment data

👀Check out this timelapse of a recent install!

Cross Provides Tangible Value for You

Reduce Risk

Take a look at the Brooks Instrument Guide – Solve Compliance, Integration and Process Challenges Using Rich Text Data. This guide explains how digital mass flow controllers and Ethernet-based architectures enhance biotechnology systems.

Our instrumentation group has been working with Brooks Instrument for years and can help your team determine which products and solutions are best for your operation.

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Improve Efficiency

Choose sustainability and efficiency with Transair from Parker. Engineered for reduced energy consumption, this innovative piping solution offers quick assembly, durability, and superior performance. The system’s full-bore components and low friction coefficient guarantee optimal and constant flow, outperforming galvanized steel systems. Experience total absence of corrosion, clean air quality, and extended equipment longevity, while enjoying significant time and cost savings during installation and modifications. Make the eco-friendly choice with Transair for a more sustainable and efficient compressed air piping solution.

Raise Quality

The Brooks Instrument mass flow controller model SLA Biotech features a 250:1 turndown ratio. This helps your bioprocess by:

Improving bioprocess performance: Reduces DO noise

Reducing cost of ownership: Requires less mass flow controllers

Improves reliability: Simplifies maintenance

Watch the video above from Brooks to learn more!

See how our team can help improve quality, increase efficiency, and reduce risk

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