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Robin Daughtry | March 13th, 2013

Here's a Handy App from Parker

It's Fast, Effective and Always Up-to-Date

Easily locate the part number for the fitting you need - all at your fingertips using the touchscreen on your smart phone or tablet.  This is the ultimate interactive resource for all tube fitting leak-free solutions and it was actually developed for field maintenance and design engineers.

parker fitting finder

Application Features:

Fitting Identification - for help in identifying a replacement fitting or part number, simply select the shape, end type and size for each end.  Then choose the material.  The result is an emailable specs page, complete with dimensions, a link to Cross Hose & Fittings nearby retail store (for those of you in NC) and a link to the fitting's CAD file.

Search by Part Number - just enter a Parker part number to gain access to an emailable specs page, which includes dimensions and a link to Cross Hose & Fittings (in NC).

Email Photo of Part - to help further identify a fitting, you can simply select a fitting image from your photo library or take a new one...then email the image to Cross Hose & Fittings or Parker Tube Fittings Division

Where to Buy - enter your zip code or use your device's GPS to get phone and mapping directions to Cross Hose & Fittings (for those of you in NC).  Plus, then you can add us to your Favorites!

Download from your App store now!
Available for both Apple and Android devices.

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