100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

Exciting Things At Cross Mobile Technology Center

Exciting Things At Cross Mobile Technology Center 1

Exciting things are happening at the Cross Mobile Technology Center (MTC)

What is the MTC?
Cross Mobile Systems Integration takes innovation seriously. So much so, that we have opened a Mobile Technology Center, or MTC, just down the road from our corporate headquarters in Greensboro, NC. This facility was created specifically for prototyping large integration projects.

Integration services we provide include:

Complete hydraulic and control systems integration – Perhaps you have come up with a unique solution to a market need, but you need someone to help you get your concept across the finish line.

Hydraulic system design – Our team of application designers, and hydraulic and control engineers, provide professionally designed solutions to optimize your machine’s design.

Electronic control system design – We take a whole system approach in analyzing what product or products would offer you the best solution. Our goal is to give you a solution that is dependable, easy to operate, and is easy to troubleshoot.

Vehicle control system prototyping – We offer an in-house prototyping service to get you started. When you deliver your machine to our shop in Greensboro, NC, we will outfit it with a custom hydraulic and controls system that makes your machine perform and operate to your customer’s satisfaction.

Mobile control panel design and build – Mobile machinery presents unique challenges when it comes to control panel design and manufacture.  Our experienced staff of engineers are trained to take the environmental and operational variables of a mobile system into mind when designing our control panels.  We have recently implemented even more stringent test procedures to ensure that our customers receive 100% tested and inspected panels once their machine is in production.

Hydraulic reservoir design Our team of engineers will custom design a reservoir or power unit that will be easy to troubleshoot, fit the available machine footprint, and simplify your installation.

Hydraulic manifold design – Cross Company has in-house design capability, supported by local manufacturing for our custom screw-in cartridge valve manifolds.

Hose System Kitting we have recently invested in our ability to provide total system hose solutions.  We are capable of designing and installing kits in our MTC and providing our customers with complete packaged kits once their machine is in production.  We label, projectile clean, and cap all hose assemblies that are built in our facilities.

Mobile equipment electrification – As the market continues to move towards hybrid and fully electric solutions, Cross is here for you. We recently added an eMobility Engineer with years of experience working specifically on vehicle electrification. We can help you to navigate the technology and find a solution that is perfect for your equipment. 

Mobile IoT development and implementation – Cross Company has developed a unique IoT solution designed specifically for mobile equipment. Powered by Elevāt, this cellular based hardware and software platform allows us to develop a customized internet portal specifically for you and your machine.

Kitting services – We can supply all of the components and systems that we design in kit form to allow for easier and quicker machine production on your assembly floor. 

Wire Harness Design and Prototyping – our engineers are capable of designing and building first article wire harnesses.  Our experience in the mobile market can lead to better designed harnesses that are routed for maximum protection.  We have also invested in testing equipment and we 100% test all harnesses, even those built by outside vendors, prior to shipping them to our customers.

Exciting Things At Cross Mobile Technology Center 2

A great example of our integration capabilities is this vehicle which is currently in our MTC. We listen to our customers and work hard to understand their needs and bring them to reality. After working closely with our customer to understand their needs, our engineers are installing newly redesigned hydraulics and controls in order to deliver optimum performance while managing costs. In a short time, our customer will be picking up a fully functional and shop tested unit for field test.

We have room for your vehicle.

The MTC boasts a 4000 square foot workspace with twin hi-boy roll-up doors that are each 12’ wide and 16’ tall to accommodate large customer equipment. In fact, space allows us to work on up to 4 integration projects at once. That means we have room for your machine! Contact us today to discuss your next project and see how Cross Mobile Systems Integration can help.

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