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Employee Growth Story: Scott Fesler – Director of Operations for Process Solutions

Scott’s story at Cross Company is one of incredible growth and promotion in a very short time. He started with the company in December 2018 as a product specialist for pressure management and relief valves, working for Process Solutions out of our Knoxville office. Only eight months later, he was promoted to the Inside Sales Manager, which looks after the product specialists and the customer service representatives. Adding to his responsibilities, Process Solutions acquired Flow Tech, in Baltimore, MD, in January of 2020, so Scott gained more associates and a second location to manage.

Another big change came when Process Solutions was created by merging the former Instrumentation Group with our Process Control Integration group. Scott and his team picked up quotations for the hardware in panel builds, a new subject for them. He was promoted in January of 2022 to the Director of Operations role in recognition of his wider responsibilities. And not satisfied with all of that on his plate, Scott and his team have recently started doing integration project order management, another new challenge!

“Cross gives you the opportunity to grow inside of the company. For me, it was a little bit of a perfect storm with someone leaving and the groups coming together. But if you want to move up and your manager realizes that, there’s definitely the opportunity at Cross,” Scott said. “Jason’s faith (Jason Hicks, President for Process Solutions) in my ability and his encouragement has allowed me to advance.” Jason Hicks commented, “From early in his tenure with Cross, Scott Fesler has proven to be a driven person. His eagerness to learn new things while keeping our customers’ needs at the forefront has been instrumental to our success.”

Scott's Career Path At Cross

Employee Growth Story: Scott Fesler – Director of Operations for Process Solutions 1
Employee Growth Story: Scott Fesler – Director of Operations for Process Solutions 2

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