100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954


100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954


100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954


Collision Avoidance for Mobile Hydraulic Vehicles

Wade Wessler | September 21st, 2015

There are several common approaches to collision avoidance in mobile machinery. Most common is a 2D camera mounted in the cab, but radar, sonar, laser scanners, and the use of multiple cameras in concert with each other are also frequently implemented.All of these technologies have shortcomings when trying to protect both your vehicle and the objects around your vehicle.

With 2D camera technology, the operator needs to take their attention away from operating the machine to look at the camera in order to take action. Both radar and sonar have relatively short sensing distances and they can’t predict the path of moving targets that could collide with your vehicle.

With laser scanners, there is a very narrow width of the sensing area, so objects above and below that area can be missed. These sensors also cannot predict the path of moving targets. And finally, with using multiple cameras, the issue is a high installation and implementation cost added to the complexity of the software for each individual application.

O3M 3D Smart Sensor From IFM

Here at Cross Company, we would like to introduce you to the O3M 3D Smart Sensor from ifm for collision avoidance, object detection, and, for the agricultural market, row following. This product, which utilizes patented PMD chip-on-board time of flight technology, can identify multiple targets, moving or stationary, track those objects, and through CAN messaging or Ethernet communication report back their location, size, speed, and relative trajectory at a range of up to 35 meters.

With a large field of view (70 degree by 23 degree lens), you can provide a large area of protection both in the X and Y axis. This product has been designed for the mobile vehicle market, so it will function in all types of light conditions and weather conditions found with outdoor vehicles.

With the “vision assistant” software GUI, this enables the user to quickly establish parameters for applications such as the following:

  • Obstacle detection and collision avoidance with the ability to track up to 20 of the closest objects. This can be key for any type of moving vehicle such as the construction and municipal vehicle markets.
  • Area surveillance – with the ability to set up multiple zones around your vehicle, you can detect when an object enters those zones and determine how close they are to your vehicle so that you can take action. A common application is in the ground support market for airport vehicles and the protection of airplanes.
  • Automation solution for agricultural machinery – with the ability to track windrows, automated guidance can be accomplished with much more accuracy than the current method which uses GPS technology.

Cross Company and our group of design engineers can provide the integration of this product into your vehicle controls. Our strength is in understanding your needs, designing a quality solution, and implementing this solution to differentiate your vehicle in your marketplace.

Cross Group - Mobile Systems Integration

Mobile Technology Demonstration at ICUEE 2019

Wade Wessler| August 29, 2019 We would like to introduce ourselves at the upcoming ICUEE 2019 Show in Louisville, KY, October 1-3, 2019 (Booth #1054). Here are some things that you will see on our Cross Company technology truck: Emerging technologies Cross Company mobile IoT telematics solution Vehicle electrification – flywheel mounted PMAC generator, PMAC

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