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Chemical Industry Newsletter – October 2023

Optimize Control Valve Performance

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The Cross Valve Automation Center is a partner you can trust. We offer a range of services to ensure your control valves are operating at their best. You can trust our attention to detail and we pride ourselves on world class customer service with a focus on quality.

What's New at Cross

Selecting Mass Flow Controllers for Rugged and Hazardous Environments

Understanding the level of protection needed for mass flow controllers is critical to selecting devices that are both reliable and safe.

Chemical plants and petrochemical refineries have some of the most hazardous operating conditions of any industry. As a result, stringent safety procedures and protocols have been established to protect both people and production systems from explosions that can happen from running process equipment. This equipment includes mass flow controllers (MFCs).

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Catalyze Efficiency in Chemical Manufacturing with the Stonel™ Axiom™ AN / ANX Valve Controller

The Stonel Axiom AN / ANX valve controller is a game-changer for chemical manufacturing, providing unmatched reliability and control. With non-contact position sensing, solid-state electronics, and corrosion-resistant pneumatic control, it’s tailor-made for harsh environments and hazardous processes.

Chemical Industry Newsletter - October 2023 2

Key Benefits for Chemical Manufacturers:

  • Ultra-Reliability with Magnetic Drive
  • Universal Voltage for Streamlined Operations
  • Easy Setup with Touch Sensors
  • Robust Design to Withstand Harsh Chemical Processes
  • Optional Wireless Access for Diagnostics

Applications in Chemical Manufacturing:

  • Precise Control in Hazardous Environments
  • Resilience in Corrosive Processes
  • Enhancing Efficiency and Safety in the Chemical Industry

The Axiom AN / ANX ensures precise valve control, backed by reliable solid-state magnetic resistive sensors and high-visibility LED indicators. Its dual pilot configurations and user-friendly touch sensor settings make it the ideal choice for chemical manufacturing.

Elevate your chemical manufacturing processes with the Stonel Axiom AN / ANX valve controller. Smart, reliable, and designed for your industry’s demands.

Did you know?

If you aren’t regularly verifying the proper operation of your gas detectors, your team could be at risk. Beyond regular calibrations, it is advisable to routinely verify the function of your detectors. Cross has a team of highly trained service technicians to help!

Cross Provides Tangible Value for You

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Raise Quality

Pressure measurement plays a central role in chlorine production, which is a safety-critical process. This is due to the fact that chlorine is highly reactive and can therefore easily trigger explosions in combination with organic substances. So it is important to precisely monitor all production steps in order to avoid damage to people and the environment. This is why diaphragm seal systems make all the difference when it comes to measuring the process pressure. These welded units of diaphragm seal and measuring instrument provide both the durability and the accuracy required.

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Reduce Risk

Winter can pose serious challenges for industrial facilities, especially in the chemical industry. Cold weather disruptions can lead to equipment damage, increased maintenance costs, and operational downtime. Richards Industrials MK 80 temperature regulators are the key to minimizing these risks.

Efficient heat tracing is an essential investment to safeguard your critical systems, maintain uptime, and prevent costly downtimes. By proactively implementing our MK 80 temperature regulators, you ensure your facility’s readiness to tackle the coldest temperatures, securing your assets and maintaining business continuity. Don’t let cold weather catch you unprepared – choose MK 80 for peace of mind.

Chemical Industry Newsletter - October 2023 5

Improve Efficiency

Neles™ Neldisc™ butterfly valves are cutting-edge valves are engineered to reduce energy consumption through optimized geometry, precise flow control, and smaller actuators, making them ideal for compressed air systems. Moreover, their innovative two-shaft design enhances flow capacity, ensuring smooth passage and minimal turbulence, even in fully open positions. With the added support of Nelprof, an advanced valve sizing tool, you can fine-tune valve selection for maximum efficiency. These valves also prioritize reliability, with unique metal seat technology minimizing leakage, reducing energy losses, and solidifying their sustainability.

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