Calculate Your Hydraulic Oil Leakage

Calculate Hydraulic Hose Oil Leaks

Robin Daughtry | March 24th, 2014

Stop Wasting Money with Leaky Connectors

Drop by drop, gallon by gallon of that expensive hydraulic oil...boy that adds up over time, especially if you have more than one leak!  If you really want to run the numbers to see what your're really losing, check this Oil Leak Calculator our from Parker Tube Fittings Division:

What you lose goes beyond just the oil and replacement oil itself....consider energy loss, environmental issues, safety hazards, hazardous waste disposal, downtime, as well as potential legal issues.  All result in lost revenue from what could have been prevented.

Common Leak Causes

  • Improper Installation - wrong fitting connections
    • The most common fitting (37° flare) is subjected to improper torque during assembly
    • Flareless bite type fittings - imporper presetting of the ferrule on the tube
    • O-ring face seal - O-ring pinched or not seated in groove, or missing completely
  • System Design
    • Incorrect routing, bending or clamping
  • Poor Quality Components
    • Avoid them altogether - if you can't identify the manufacturer, don't use it
  • Poor Maintenance Practices

We can help with your selection of the proper connections. Either call us to talk to one of our hose & fittings experts or drop by one of our four ParkerStore retail locations in North Carolina!







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