What is an Omron NX Power Module and Do You Need One?

Omron NX Power Module - Do You Need One?

Greg Haley | May 3rd, 2018

One of the big benefits of using a PLC from the Omron NX1P PLC family is the ability to add I/O modules directly to the side of PLC. This allows machine builders to customize the PLC I/O for their specific application and to only pay for the specific I/O they need.

When I/O modules are added to the NX1P PLC, there are 3 different ways the module can be powered:

  1. The I/O module gets power through the NX bus.
  2. Power is supplied to the units via an external power supply.
  3. The I/O module does not use the power or when the unit generates the power internally.

Any module that uses option 1 will require an additional I/O power supply unit. This is commonly overlooked and we constantly see a failure to order the required power module(s). See Table 1 below for a list of the I/O modules that require a PF power module.

Table 1: List of I/O Modules that Require a PF Power module

When it comes to selecting an NX-PF module, there are a few options to choose from. It is necessary to select the correct module or modules (some application require more than one) based on the amount of power required. Omron has a step by step guide on how to select the module(s) in the manual for the NX1P PLCs. See section 4-3-2 Designing the I/O Power Supply from the NX Bus of the NX102 Manual for the list of instructions.

The list of NX-PF modules can be found here.

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