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100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954


100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954


Are Your Air Pipework Systems Still Efficient?

Robin Daughtry | March 14th, 2013

Change Your Network and Optimize Performance with Transair

Are Your Existing Compressed Air Pipe Systems in Steel?

The inner surface of galvanized steel pipe gradually corrodes in contact with water.  Corrosion causes the formation of oxide particles and cavities. Compressed air is polluted and damages equipment.  Deposits accumulate and create roughness, reducing air flow and increasing pressure drops.  Plus, corrosion is a source of air leaks – up to 30% of the volume of air may be wasted due to leaks with an old pipework system.  Consequently, the efficiency of your pipework system is seriously reduced.

Choose an Innovative and Efficient Solution

The Transair solution avoids the problems encountered with galvanized steel pipe – it is constructed in aluminium which prevents corrosion.  The inner surface of aluminium pipe ensures good and constant quality clean air. From the compressor to point of use, Transair pipework systems give higher longevity of equipment and avoid frequent changes of filter elements.  For renovation projects, Transair pipework systems can be easily connected to copper or steel pipe.  They offer higher performance and make it easy to extend an existing network.

Transair Air Pipe System Advantages

  • Optimum Efficiency
    Absence of Corrosion
    Full Flow Design
    Excellent Sealing
  • Reduced Installation Costs
    Easy Installation
    Quick Assembly
    Immediate Pressurization
  • Adaptability
    Modular Design
    Dismountable and Reusable
    Fast Expansion

Improve the Performance of Your Pipework Systems

Compressed air represents 10% of industrial energy costs so optimizing and controlling its production and use is an opportunity to make immediate energy savings.  After a 10 year period, the cost of energy consumed exceeds the initial cost of equipment and installation.  Improving a pipework system gives potential cost savings of 34%!

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