BOT-toberfest 2018


Thank you for attending Bot-Toberfest 2018!

Cross Company was thrilled to host you at our Belmont, NC facility where you spoke with industry experts about how to tackle your automation requirements, toured our 6000 sq-ft robotics area featuring ten different robot stations, as well as received hands-on experience with the latest in Collaborative, Industrial, and Mobile Robots. 

A special thanks to our vendors, partners, and Stu Sheperd from Universal Robots for their contribution!

A Message From Our Robotics Associates

"Our Bot-Toberfest event was a huge success, thanks to a great team, great manufacturers, and most of all, great customers. The three-day tech forum covered topics like how to perform a risk assessment, what to consider when designing an end of arm tool, high-speed part manipulation, and a guide to random 3D bin picking.

At Cross Company, we offer solutions to your biggest problems. Whether you elect to take advantage of our design, programming, and integrations services or simply just needs robotics hardware, we strive to bring you the most value possible. Our technical expertise and customer service is the backbone of what we do. With all of these technologies, we can facilitate everything from feasibility and concept to design and integration.

Thank you for coming out and we will see you at the next event!"

Event Highlights: