Yaskawa SigmaLogic7 Compact Is Rockwell AOI Compatible

Yaskawa SigmaLogic7 Compact Is Rockwell AOI Compatible

Steve Dickerson | June 7th, 2017

Uncompromising Motion and Control performance are now available to OEM’s and Machine Builders as Yaskawa adds new Rockwell AOI-friendly servo amplifier solutions to the state-of-the-art Sigma-7 line.

It has arguably been long regarded that the industry leader in machine control for OEM’s and Machine Builders is the Rockwell Automation programmable logic controller. While this may be true for software and control platforms, the same can arguably be said in the precision motion segment about Yaskawa. Specifically, Yaskawa precision servo systems continue to move forward with engineering improvements in connectivity, power, and performance per package size in both their amplifiers and motors.

Many machine builders and OEMs want that industry leading control experience without compromising the servo motor and drive performance of a world class supplier like Yaskawa. Why have a high-performance sports car with a mediocre engine and low-performance tires?

Where Yaskawa SigmaLogic7 Fits In Your Process

Yaskawa America, Inc. has released the SigmaLogic7 Compact, a new servo amplifier incorporating the exceptional precision and superior performance of Yaskawa’s latest Sigma-7 Servo Motion to systems with the high performance you’re accustomed to receiving from a Rockwell Automation programmable logic controller.

The SigmaLogic7 Compact incorporates the Add On Instructions (AOIs) from Rockwell ControlLogix and CompactLogix programmable logic controllers. This makes it possible to seamlessly send instructions programmed using RSLogix5000 software (v17 and above) directly from a PLC. There is no need for any additional programming software.

The SigmaLogic7 Compact was developed as an easy, effective way to upgrade the performance of an existing automation system for OEM’s and Machine Builders who don’t want to change their existing control platforms. It combines the advanced performance features of a state-of-the-art Sigma-7 amplifier into a small size that conserves cabinet space and allows interfacing with your Rockwell controls.

These features include:

  • Direct Replacement: Sigma-7 products are readily compatible with Sigma-5 servo systems. Yaskawa is a world leader in servo systems and motors.
  • Performance: Industry-leading 3.1 kHz bandwidth significantly improves settling time combined with world class MTBF providing high reliability.
  • Easy Implementation: A powerful package of tuning functions automatically tune a servo system without user effort, compensating for machine inertia, vibration, ripples, friction and other system factors.
  • Reliability: Tuning accuracy is maintained despite inertia changes up to 30:1 and interruptions from electrical interference are neutralized.
  • Motors and Mechanics: Cross Company can size your system with the right motor, gearbox, and mechanical solutions needed for your application’s environmental and size constraints increasing performance while saving costs, size, and power.

These innovations offer OEM’s and machine builders the opportunity to significantly improve the performance of an automation solution and boost Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) with a minimum of extra effort and concerns about compatibility or costly software and hardware platform changes while not sacrificing system integrity or hardware quality.

To test drive a high-performance solution, contact Cross Company for information and application assistance and don’t compromise your valued machine controls platform or your servo motion performance.

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