Universal Robots Model UR5 Joint Replacement Tutorial

Michael Davis | December 5th, 2016

In this tutorial video presentation, Michael Davis, Robotics Field Service Technician for CrossRobotics, will demonstrate step-by-step how to replace the Wrist 3 Joint on a Universal Robots model UR5. Michael provides us with a few tips and tricks for this procedure which will hopefully make your joint replacement process a smooth one. Detailed instructions and images can be found in the UR5 Service Manual.

Prior to performing any maintenance on a Universal Robots collaborative robot (cobot), it is highly recommended that you first acquire a UR Service Kit, part number 109010, which can be purchased from Cross Company by calling us at 888-987-5955. This kit will include all of the preset torque screwdrivers, torque wrenches, and other tools needed for any UR Joint replacement.

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Michael Davis


Michael is the Field Service Technician for CrossRobotics. Specialties include service, repairs, calibration, cobot programming, pneumatics, and mechatronics. Michael received the majority of his technical training in the US Air Force and the US Army, and also holds an AAS in Mechatronics Engineering Technology from Gaston College.