Universal Robots and the Rise of the Machines

Universal Robots and the Rise of the Machines

Karl Bentz | August 29th, 2017

My customer Hirebotics was recently featured on the front page of the Washington Post. Read about 'How a Couple of Robots Came to be the Newest Hires at a Wisconsin Factory in Search of Reliable Workers.' It's very interesting and I thought you would want to read it too. Thanks, Karl.

Article from Chico Harlan | The Washington Post | August 2017

The workers of the first shift had just finished their morning cigarettes and settled into place when one last car pulled into the factory parking lot, driving past an American flag and a “now hiring” sign. Out came two men, who opened up the trunk, and then out came four cardboard boxes labeled “fragile.”
“We’ve got the robots,” one of the men said.
They watched as a forklift hoisted the boxes into the air and followed the forklift into a building where a row of old mechanical presses shook the concrete floor. The forklift honked and carried the boxes past workers in steel-toed boots and earplugs. It rounded a bend and arrived at the other corner of the building, at the end of an assembly line.
The line was intended for 12 workers, but two were no-shows. One had just been jailed for drug possession and violating probation. Three other spots were empty because the company hadn’t found anybody to do the work. That left six people on the line jumping from spot to spot, snapping parts into place and building metal containers by hand, too busy to look up as the forklift now came to a stop beside them.
Since its publication, 'The Rise of the Machines' has generated considerable interest in the deployment of Universal Robots. Be on the lookout for a similar feature on NBC Nightly News.
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