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Brandon Rudnicki | December 3rd, 2012

Motion Control – It is what we do!

From Virginia to Tennessee, through Alabama and down to Florida, then back up through Georgia and into North and South Carolina - we are here to help!  The Cross Company Motion Solutions Group has a local motion control solutions sales engineer who is backed by factory-trained application engineers and product managers. Our team of experts provides the highest value motion control solutions and we pride ourselves on creating a customer-oriented WOW experience.

You deserve the right solution and the Cross Company Automation Group is here to help.

How do we WOW with Motion Control?

Step 1 - System Parameters

We strive to be viewed as a partner with, and an extension of, our customers' engineering team.  We can aid you several ways, such as through application sizing and component selection.  We assist by clearly defining the system parameters:

  • Is the motion linear or rotary? 
  • Can a solution be found using servo or stepper motor technology? 
  • What does the load weigh and, during motion, what pitch, yaw, and roll moments are created? 
  • What is the overall travel length required? 
  • What is the repeatability, resolution, and accuracy required for the application and what is the difference?

Regarding the motion profile itself:

  • What is the move distance and time? 
  • Is the system loaded or unloaded during motion? 
  • Are there any forces opposing motion? 
  • What is the dwell time between cycles?
  • What is the expected duty cycle?

Step 2 - Component Selection

Believe it or not, for motion control, the list of questions goes on...  Once the system parameters are clearly defined, then the proper motion control solutions can start to be put into place.  With the Cross Company Automation Group's extensive manufacturer lineup, we have the right components and solution for any application.

This is how we help our customers' engineering team: by sifting through all the components that we have to offer, and based on the system parameters, we provide the highest value solution, which is measured as "performance balanced with cost."  Depending on the sophistication and complexity of the motion control required, we can then provide an advanced multi-axis motion controller or single axis stand-alone digital servo drives. 

If the motion controller and servo drives need to interface with anything else, such as a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) or a plant network, we can provide the necessary components to perform that task.  For the mechanics that will perform the actual motion, we can provide linear or rotary servo motors.  We also have sources for belt driven, ball screw driven, and roller screw driven linear actuators

If the motion control requires something to ‘spin’, then we can provide a gearbox with the correct precision, accuracy, and torque for the application.  Ultimately whatever motion is needed, we have the motion control solutions that are required.

Step 3 - Support

Finally, we WOW through the support that we provide to our motion control customers.  The Cross Company Automation Group has the expertise and availability to help our customer either over the phone or in person.  Our engineers spend months training on our motion control components and their knowledge is from first-hand experience.  Further, a customer service representative is dedicated to our customer locations and they are available by phone. 

Our team has decades of experience in providing motion control solutions and making our customers say 'WOW'.

How can we help you?

Please reach out to us with your motion control questions. We would love to take a look at your application and provide the right solution.  We look forward to helping you define your system parameters, assisting with your component selection, proving our level of support and technical capabilities, providing you with the highest value motion control solutions, and making you say 'WOW'.

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