Determine Required Motor Torque on Mechanical Positioning Systems

Determine Required Motor Torque on Mechanical Positioning Systems

Steve Dickerson | August 20th, 2018

The new LinTech tool provides a relatively painless method for choosing a motor with enough power at your desired move speed.

Mechanical positioner manufacturer and Cross Company supplier, Lintech, has developed a great new tool now available on their website. This tool is an “App” for determining the required motor torque necessary when using a Lintech positioning table. With this, you can input application data and never have to pull out a catalog to look up specifications. Data includes screw length, breakaway torque, carriage weight, speeds, acceleration, load weight, etc.

On the right-hand side of their home page, there is a link for “Sizing Apps”. When you click on that, you will see a page with the different Lintech screw driven tables, belt driven tables, rotary tables and ball screw assemblies. When you choose the series table you are using, you will be provided with options for “move profiles.”

When you plug in the information, application requirements, as well as the motor inertia from a model you are considering, you will be provided with a list of information including total torque required. You can take that value and look at the torque curve for the motor to match the required torque you need at the motor speed required. The results will give you “Total Torque Required” with your selected safety margin including your input data. All of this can then be printed and/or saved.

Click the image to access the tool.


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