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Product Overview

Get the most out of our LD mobile robot fleet

Omron’s next-generation Fleet Operations Workspace (FLOW) Core software package offers an all-in-one solution for maximizing the capabilities of of your LD mobile robot fleet. Updated features included advanced navigation and mapping, intelligent fleet management, efficient charge management, and easy integration with existing IT systems.

Omron’s FLOW Core software package will help you to increase flexibility, efficiency and productivity, simplify the integration and operations of LD robots and fleets, while maximizing reliability and uptime.

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Key Features

  • Intelligent job assignment with queuing management
  • Single software suite with easy MES integration
  • Powerful tools for map creation and editing
  • Task definition and assignment tools
  • Managed motion and efficient traffic control
  • Dynamic obstacle avoidance with real-time trajectory predictions
  • Cell Alignment Positioning System (CAPS) for improved accuracy
  • Easy integration with IT systems (MES, ERP and WMS)

Technical Resources

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