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Flame and Detonation Arresters

Flame Arrestors

Flammable liquids are volatile in nature and when liquids evaporate, they may produce ignitable vapor/air mixtures. A flame arrester provides gas / vapor flow from the protected side to the unprotected side under normal operating conditions. If an ignition on the unprotected side should occur, the flame front will be quenched during subsonic flow conditions. 

Types of flame arresters:

  • In-line installations
    • In-line vertical flame arresters
    • In-line horizontal flame arresters
  • End-of-line installations
    • End-of-line horizontal flame arresters

Cross Company is proud to represent the Groth product line of flame arresters.

Flame and Detonation Arresters 1

Flame arrester diagram showing the ignition side, the arrester element which disperses and quenches the flame front and the protected side

Detonation Arresters

Ensure that you protect your employees, your equipment and the environment. Play it safe — specify a detonation arrester designed to withstand both stable AND unstable detonations.

Turbulent flow and compressive heat effects can cause a propagating flame to transition to unstable detonation, resulting in extremely high velocity and pressure. It is very difficult to say with any degree of confidence when and where the transition to unstable detonation will occur. Installed equipment should be able to provide the maximum protection under the most dangerous situations.

Some companies offer light-duty stable detonation arresters rated for only stable detonation. An unstable detonation could destroy a stable detonation arrester. This would allow a flame to propagate further down the pipeline, damaging the equipment that the detonation flame arrester was intended to protect.

If your process requires a detonation arrester, make sure it can handle the worst case of unstable detonation. All Groth detonation flame arresters are designed to withstand both stable and unstable detonations.

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