100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

Magnorestrictive Level Measurement

The Jogler ILT-6000 transmitter is designed for direct insertion into a storage tank, process vessel or bypass chamber, and is top mounted with a patented sensor well.

The ILT-6000 contains a low profile waveguide that is inserted into a waveguide sleeve isolation well and float assembly. The waveguide sleeve isolates the internal waveguide from the process environment and protects it from excessive process conditions. This provides an additional safety barrier for the operator. The major benefit is the transmitter and waveguide can be removed for field checking without interruption or exposure to the process environment.

The MGT-6000 series liquid level transmitter is exclusively for magnetic level indicators. The low profile waveguide is mounted on the outside of the level gauge chamber. This design isolates the waveguide from excessive vibration and temperature. Enhanced sensor technology provides an output signal that is sensitive, fast, and accurate with low power requirements. The MGT-6000 can be mounted and retrofitted to most magnetic liquid level indicators.

Technical Note

Take a look at a technical note from our partner provider Jogler.

Black liquor is a waste product found in paper mills from the processes used to break pulp wood down into usable fibers. Many different methods are used to wash black liquor from the fibers before they are sent to the paper / cardboard making sections of the mill, one of which is a black liquor Chemi-Washer.

Guided Wave Radar was rejected as a measurement tool in the chemi-washer due to false readings caused by solids buildup on the probe. Keep reading to learn more about how our Premier Level Products provided the solution.

Jogler Technical Note

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