100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Cross Company offers a full line of ultrasonic flow meters in both Transit Time Flow meters and Doppler Flow Meters to satisfy a variety of customer applications. Our family of Dynasonics Flow Meter products features non-invasive flow meters designed to provide superb accuracy and response characteristics for measuring clean liquids or slurries. Our Dynasonics TFX Ultra ultrasonic flow and energy meters clamp onto the outside of pipes and do not contact the internal liquid.

Features and Benefits

  • Low-cost installation
  • No pressure head loss
  • No moving parts to maintain or replace
  • No fluid compatibility  issues
  • Large bi-directional measuring range that ensures reliable readings even at very low and high flow rates

Dynasonics TFX Ultra is available in a variety of configurations that permit the user to select a meter with features suitable to meet particular application requirements.

Dynasonics Doppler Flow Meters and Transit Time Flow Meters products have satisfied the necessary requirements in thousands of unique flow measurement applications and a variety of markets; including water and wastewater treatment, oil and gas, coal-bed methane extraction, power generation, semiconductor process cooling, HVAC and many more. The flow meter specialists at Cross Company are committed to providing our customers with outstanding service and technology in meeting both basic and harsh demands of the flow measurement applications.

Are you interested in learning more about how Cross company can help your operation? Contact us today to discuss your project or application with a Cross team member.

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