High Consistency Sampler

High Consistency SamplerMetso Consistency Sampler available from Cross Company can be used for applications up to 8 %Cs with screened pulps. The patented Metso High Consistency Sampler is used for higher consistencies and unscreened pulps. A plugging free sampler head and safe sampling were the driving forces during its development. In combination with accessories like the Muki sample collection pot, even difficult sampling applications, such as digester blow line sampling, are safe and easy.

Smarter consistency transmitters open the possibilities for better communication between the transmitter and sampler. Today's Metso Nove samplers can be equipped with an open/close detector to synchronize calibration by automatically signaling the transmitter that a sample is being taken. Sampling time and transmitter readings are automatically stored for later analysis and calibration.

This ensures better consistency management and process control. Intensive research and development have made the Metso Nove family of samplers the market leader in consistency sampling technology. Metso has delivered over 15,000 samplers for all pulp applications.


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