Pump Control

Combined Display and Control

Don't just control your pumps, but monitor your process as well with Precision Digital pump controllers.

Precision Digital has a variety of pump control solutions that will allow for clear and convenient level monitoring. These pump controllers are loaded with features that allow you to control multiple pumps with ease and can help extend the life of your pumps in the most demanding environments.


Pump Control Solutions

The ProVu PD6000 Pump Controller and ProtEX-MAX PD8-6000 Explosion-Proof Pump Controller have an informative dual-line display that can display the measured input in two scales (i.e. gallons and percent) and also control up to 8 pumps. The PD6000 and PD8-6000include a 24 VDC power supply to power a level transmitter, 2 or 4 form C internal relays, and user-friendly programming.

The Trident PD765 Pump Controller and ProtEX-MAX PD8-765 Explosion-Proof Pump Controller have features including a huge 1.2 inch (30.5 mm) display that can be seen from over 30 feet away, user-friendly programming, and a 24 VDC power supply to power the transmitter.

ProtEX-MAX explosion-proof Pump Controllers have a sleek, modern design with mounting flanges that make it easy to install in hazardous areas. They carry complete product worldwide approvals. Another convenient feature is the SafeTouch through-glass button programming, which allows the operator to program the meter without opening the front cover.

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