General Purpose Online Ambient Safety Monitors

Cross Company is proud to offer a wide selection of Advanced Instruments General Purpose, GPR series Ambient Oxygen Analyzers.


Features proprietary compensation for changes in barometric pressure that virtually eliminates the false alarms associated with competitive monitors. The enhanced stability of the GPR-35 makes it ideal for oxygen deficiency monitoring in ambient areas and confined spaces.

When needed the most, battery back-up provides eight (8) hours of continuous use in full alarm mode. In addition to OSHA's 20.0%, 19.5% alarm set points this monitor offers additional standard features along with a variety of options that greatly enhance the usability of this device.



Features an advanced galvanic oxygen sensor capable of precisely measuring oxygen concentrations ranging from from 0.05% to 100% over a 36 month operating life with no periodic maintenance, menu driven controls and two (2) wire loop power.




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