Life Sciences Technology Conference Raleigh NC

life sciences Tech Conference Raleigh

Cross Company | Brooks Instrument | Phoenix Contact

Tuesday March 13, 2018 | Raleigh Convention Center | Raleigh NC
Booth 216 & 217


Thermal Mass Controllers + Wireless HART Instruments = Maximum Yields and Controlled Expenses

Reliable and accurate instruments to sustain yields and process automation and control.

Come visit our booths to learn how our synergy can bring your manufacturing process increased reliability and accuracy.

Producing biopharmaceuticals is one of the world’s most demanding manufacturing processes. Brooks Instrument’s mass flow and pressure control technology helps maximize cell culture yields and control bioprocess costs. Brooks' flow and pressure controllers set global standards for reliability, repeatability and long-term stability.

Brooks Instrument Life Science and Pharmaceutical

Download Brooks' Flow & Pressure Instrumentation for Biopharmaceuticals & Life Sciences brochure

Brooks Instrument Flow and Pressure for biopharmaceuticals and life sciences

Discover the numerous ways how you can profit from using wireless technology in your application. Rely on Phoenix Contact's WirelessHART for your signal transmission and remote access control. Use this WirelessHART gateway and adapter to connect isolated measuring instruments to your control room.

  • Wireless I/O modules to access diagnostic data from HART instruments
  • Gateway's and adapters for wireless communication
  • Analog signal isolation converters, analog isolators and modules
  • Protection of critical equipment with power and data protection devices - increased uptime
  • Networking and communication devices

Phoenix Contact WirelessHART gateway and adapter

Phoenix Contact's WirelessHART Gateway & Adapter