Protect Your Valves & Tank Equipment

Protect Your Valves & Tank Equipment

John Laurens | October 11th, 2017

Pressure and Vacuum Relief Valves are tank protection devices predominantly installed on a nozzle opening at the top of a fixed roof atmospheric storage tank. Their primary job is to safely protect your tank against rupture / implosion by letting the tank breathe, or vent, when pressure changes in the tank during standard operating conditions.

Emergency Relief Valves protect tanks against excessive pressure caused by external event outside normal operating procedures such as heat / fire exposure / flashes within the tank. Emergency relief valves provide higher flow capacity than standard pressure and vacuum relief valves.   This allows them to release pressure / vacuum rapidly to overcome the rapidly increasing pressures due to heat expansion.  

Why Pressure/ Vacuum Relief Valves Are Required:

  • Save money by saving product
  • Generally required by OSHA, EPA, etc.
  • Minimizes evaporation emissions and EPA concerns
  • Reduces atmospheric corrosion of tank - highly important in port side facilities or those in highly corrosive environments
  • Protects tank from over or under pressurization when sized properly through Groth Corporation's Proprietary Sizing Software

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